Saturday 31 May 2014

Launching Our Android Hacking and Penetration Testing Course

We are happy to announce the launch of our second course "Android Hacking and Penetration Testing". This is a Highly technical and hands on course. The course does not require any prior knowledge or any programming skills This course is ideal for pen-testers , security enthusiast’s , network admin's , students and any one who is interested in Mobile Application Pen testing and development

About The Course


The course will focus on the tools and techniques for testing the Security of Android Mobile applications. During the course, you will learn various topics such as Android architecture,Android security model, Android Application Pen testing and Exploitation, Reversing Android applications,static and dynamic analysis of android malware etc. After finishing the course you will be able to carry out a Penetration Test on a Android device and its applications. To get more in depth details, Please download our course syllabus from the following link

The course starts from the very basics and slowly takes you to more complicated topics, making it ideal for self paced learning. Following are a some of the Free Preview videos from the course

1. Setting Up a Pen-testing Environment

2. Android Architecture

3. APK Files in a Nutshell

The Course Currently costs 50$ and is available at Udemy, But for JSinfosec Readers we are giving the course for just 35 $. You can redeem the coupon by clicking following Link

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  1. Can you let me pdf files that in training ?

  2. Is the $75 offer still valid ?

  3. Ya we can give a special coupn for you , all you have to do is contact us at